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  • Sarah (Apgujeong G6)

TVs are like Books!

"Look there is a new TV. It's awesome!"

"What's a TV? "

"A TV looks like a box."

"It looks like a box but it's thin and black. There are strings, called cables that are connected to the internet."

"ohh..... I can imagine a little, but.. what does it do?"

" TV is like magic. There is another small box. It is called a remote controller. When you push a button on the remote controller, the TV makes sounds , and you can see people, animals, and cartoons on the TV."

"Little kids can watch cartoons or learn English. I like watching girl group and boy groups dancing and singing." " Wow! It sounds great! I want to buy it...."

"Oh really?"

"There is another good thing. TV are like books too"

" I thought it was just for fun?!"

" No, when we push other buttons on the remote there are lots of other channels. There are also news and documentaries. On the TV we can learn about important news happened today. I learned that we won the world soccer match. On documentaries, we can learn about animals, people in other countries. I saw a person going to a mountain and break ice and sell them."

" Wow now I can know how we can use a TV and what could be helpful for us"

"Bye I have to go and buy a TV!"

"Don't forget to buy the remote controller, too!!"

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