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  • Seonwoo Lee (G6) Yeoksam

Perfect Principal’s Perfect School

If I could be a principal of an elementary school, that would be awesome because I really wanted to be a principal. School is a place where students can study and play. I am a student now too, so I want to make a fun and perfect school that student want to come to.

In my school, I’ll have lots of different subjects and classes. So I’ll make programs for studying. I’ll tell teachers to make a PPT about daily lessons and have activities, quizzes, speeches, games, and important lesson points. I think this’ll make the students excited and feel interested in learning something. Also if I see one class doing really well and being focused, I’ll let that class eat some snacks and play the whole day on summer or winter vacation days. My school will even have special events. Before summer and winter vacation, I’ll let students read books and play board games the whole day. And in February, December, and July I’ll have a big exam to test my students’ knowledge. In July and December the exams will be about things that we’ve learned, but if the scores are low I’ll let students come to school as an extra school day. In February, the exam will be about one year’s lessons so if they get five questions wrong, they’ll have to stay in the same grade again for a year.

I think everyone is curious about school lunch. So I’ll make a perfect, fantastic lunch for all the teachers and students. Students can choose an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. For a main dish, there’ll be a choice of noodles or meat. Noodles will be spaghetti, Japanese ramen, rice noodles, and Korean noodles. Meat will be donkatsu steak and meatballs. The teacher’s main menu will be bacon with scrambled eggs and spinach.

My perfect school’s rules are easy to follow, but important.

  1. You have to bow to every teacher that you meet.

  2. You can’t run in school, except during gym class.

  3. You have to obey your teachers.

  4. You can’t fight with anyone.

  5. Study hard and play hard. When you study, just study and when you play, just play.

  6. You have to wear uniforms.

  7. You have to FOLLOW ALL OF THESE RULES or you can’t stay here.

I plan to have an exam to choose my perfect students for my perfect school. I think everyone will have fun here. You have to apply quickly or there won’t be any space left!

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