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  • Nicole (Grade 5) Ichon Branch

AI Will Take Over

It is 2030 when the scary future comes real. AI is becoming smarter than humans and taking human’s job. Also AI is betraying humans. AI robots and only human are on Earth, but Annietsia Kim is having a fight, then one of them will die.

AI robots are working in factories. Annietsia Kim is finding her new job, but all the robots are dominating the factories. Until 2025, humans ruled all the robots in the factory, but AI robots became smarter than humans and humans lost their jobs. Now, we can’t find any humans in factories.

“ Oh no, I need a job…” Annietsia Kim said. Suddenly, one AI robots came to Annietsia Kim and started shooting gun to her. AI robots are betraying humans!

Humans controlled robots, but robots betrayed humans and are controlling them.

Annietsia Kim run as fast as she can, but robots catch her and make her into a drink, some liquid that changes her into a robot. AI robots are too scary because they become more intelligent than humans and take humans’ jobs and finally change people to robots. It was a terrible choice to invent AI robots.“Run! Run! As fast as you can!”

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