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  • John (Seocho Branch)

Fantastic Busan Vacation

The year is 2018 and it's a lucky year. It will be a perfect summer vacation. There are a lot of plans to go. Last year, we went to other countries, but we will travel only Korea for this vacation. It sounds great.

Our family went to Busan. It was killer heat. The sun was really mad. We had to hide in the ocean. I was thinking about a happy Busan, but we were still in the car. It felt like it took ten hours to rest and stop. It was too hard to sleep in the car. I was a battery that didn't have any energy. The rest stop was my energy charging station. I ate my breakfast and I could feel I am a full battery now. Now I could do something. We moved again. Soon we could see Busan in our sight. But it was just my thought. I almost felt like we were going to another country by a car. I really wanted to see the bright ocean, just like a sparkling diamond. I was playing a game, and finally! We had finished riding the car! Now we were in Busan! I could feel my heart bounce faster. I could feel my lips go up. I yelled, "Yahoooo!" There was a wide and beautiful sea in my sight. Finally.

The hotel was a blessed land. It was very clean and amazing. The service woman was an angel. We put our things in the room and went to the ocean. There were many people on the sea shore. It looked like a battle ground. I ran to the water fighting with the waves. The wave was big and strong. There were so many enemies around me. The sun, wave, and many people. I hid inside the water to fight the baking sun. The ocean was a humongous shield that protected me. We played for four hours, but we didn't know the time was going. It wasn't cold because the weather was very hot. The ground was a frying pan. The thought my feet burning. We rode "fly fish" too. It went fast and flew the air and it bumped the sea again. We were really excited. We played at the hotel in the swimming pool, too. The view was amazing! There weren't any waves in the swimming pool, but it was way easier for diving. Also, the water was clean and shiny. We had a wonderful day.

We ate many kinds of food in Busan. The best dish was the beef ribs. I could feel the taste of the fire. It was smooth like it was melting in my mouth. We also ate fish too. I loved it. I couldn't stop my chopsticks to go to the fish. We had a happy night with the delicious dishes.

It was a special vacation with my family. I think I will never forget this vacation, and I want to go there again. We had a wonderful time.

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