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  • Eileen Jin (Grade 5) Gangnam

Technology Becomes Too Powerful

Hello! My name is Scarlet Witch. I made the time machine, so I can go to the future. Do you want to hear the story about how I went to the future yesterday? Okay…Now let me begin my story…

When I went to the future, the technology becomes too powerful and uncontrolled. The first problem was the robots were controlling people! Of course, people are controlling robots, but people are acting the way that robots tell them to do. I think this happened because robots are too strong and smart, so they are out of control. The robots controlling people was a very scary thing.

The next problem was there was a lot of hacking. It was happening because computers are too good and advanced. Most of the hackers hack personal information of other people. Well, some hackers hack the top-secret information. Also, I saw someone hacking just for fun!

Here is the third problem. People in the future can create new life. I know making a new life is dangerous because I saw a movie named Jurassic World and, in this movie, they make dinosaurs, but they failed to keep them inside the cage. Also, if they failed to create a new life, they could create monsters.

The next problem was unhealthy people. People in the future were unhealthy. They were unhealthy because robots are doing everything for them, so they were not doing exercise. They w

ere very fat or too skinny.

The last problem was environmental pollution. The technology became too powerful, so there are a lot of factories. That’s why lots of smog came up, and smog makes the environmental pollution. Most of the animals died.

Now, I told you my story about going to the future. I saw lots of problems in the future. Of course, there were some good things too, but I think the technology becomes too powerful and uncontrolled. I’m worried about people in the future.

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