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  • Jenny (Grade 7) Ichon Branch

The Negative Side of SNS

Do you do SNS (Social Network Service)? If so, which one do you use? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook?

There is an interesting meaning hidden under the name of SNS. Instagram stands for “Instant + Telegram” It means “ Capturing and sharing the worlds moments.”

Instagram is mainly for image sharing. It supports 25 languages. Twitter is a place where people post what they want to say when they want to talk. So it is limited to 140 letters.

Twitter is centered on the concept of following-up. You can be a follower without the other user’s permission. Lastly, Facebook is the most successful SNS in the U.S.

You can write on your timeline and exchange messages with friends through “facebook messages”. The biggest thing is that your post is posted in real-time.

Most people use share information through SNS, but it can cause jealousy.

Do you think it is possible? Yes, it is. You can be jealous of others’ everyday lives. Other users only post their happiest moments. When looking at these posts, you want to be like them so your everyday lives can be full of jealous.

Also some people spread false information. For example, because of a woman in her 30’s who spread false information that she got sexually assaulted, the person who was chosen by an attacker was hurt. Another woman said that she is not an adult on her SNS account. Others can also hack your accounts and send messages to unknown people. Besides, too much SNS can make you stressful, and it is hard to stop and it distracts you from your daily life. However, SNS is not always negative. We can share information quickly, we can present our opinions and we can do marketing as well. Many people use social networking sites, so if we make an advertisement, we can reach more consumers.

Although many violent cases keep happening through SNS, if we follow the rules of SNS etiquette, we can stop the dangerous things from happenings.

First, do not look at postings that are violent.

Second, do not share unclear information.

Third, do not use SNS too much.

Lastly, view and write things mindfully.

I think we should not view SNS as a bad experience, but we must admit it as a good culture because it has positive sides too. Also, we should not be obsessive to “Likes” and “Followers”. I hope we have a correct environment for SNS.

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