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  • Stella (Jamwon)

The New Revolution

People began to invent robots. But there is no prediction that everyone is perfect. One tiny mistake can lead to a huge disaster. When the robots Humanoid and the Asimo were invented, there was a tiny mistake in the most important part of the programming. The ‘good or evil’ part. One person’s mistake brought a change to the history. The robots started to invade Earth. They attacked people and all living lives. So scientists and space centers had no other way to stop this devastation but to move humanities to another planet, Mars. They have come to decide of leaving our Earth.

Years of preparation was needed. Great minds worked together to make this revolution happen. People in the military had to fight all the AIs and robots. While others had to pack all the plants and animals to all living creatures to preserve the nature we have, keep the cycle of life. And the difficult work biggest and most was to move famous places such as Hoong Rae Moon and Statue of Giberty by moving the ground itself. And everything was ready to leave our Mother Earth.

It took only few weeks to get to Mars. They were getting along with their new homes. And it took lots of years to build cities and habitats for both humans and animals. The new revolution had succeeded.

Nobody knew what happened to Earth. The few things they knew was that there are no more living lives on it. Earth has lost its original beautiful colors. And there is no more home to run back to.

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