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  • Judy (Grade 7) Ichon

The Power of AI in the Future

The original intention of creating AI was to make human lives easier, which was good.

However, I think it is necessary to have a question about the intention of making AI into the perfect state. If AI is safe enough and good enough to use, but more superior and smarter than humans, a good relationship with humans will not last.

Two to three years later, as scientists say, human zoos can be created and all nuclear weapons in the U.S. can be acquired to AI. Scientists and many companies initially created AI for human convenience, but these days they seem to be developing new AI with the aim of making money by developing AI that people are interested in.

Now, AI is a very dangerous technology that could threaten humans in the future, and I don’t think we should continue with the development of AI anymore. If we lose interest in AI, scientists and companies will also stop developing AI from now on. What do you think about the power of AI in the future?

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