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  • Sarah (Apgujeong G6)

Hardships of a Korean Student

Students in Korea are tired about lots of things at school. I think teachers, tests, homework make students the most tired.

Students ate tired about teachers, because the students get stressed by getting punished, also they can be humiliated. He or she is punished in front of the entire class. Then they can't like the teacher so maybe they don't want to go to school.

Students are tired about test too, because they have to study hard and have lots of homework, but have to study for the test as well. Also if we don't get 100% our parents will be mad at us. Sometimes we don't have lots of time to study for the test and, do homework.

Students are tired about homework, because they have lots of other academy homework so they don’t have much time. Also there can be tests, homework check, and academy tests at the same day then it will be hard to study. If we don't get 100% parents will be mad at us.

Students are also tired about studying, because they want to have more break time but they don't and have to keep studying. When they finish studying and doing homework, they have to review what they learned.

Sometimes I'm also tired about studying, doing tests, homework, so I wish teachers can be a little more kind to the children and change one's position and talk about not letting the children take so many tests, and our parents should not say discouraging things to their kids when they tried hard and still don't get 100%. Also don't give too many homework, and parents give their children some freedom, playtime, and rest time.

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