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  • Sun Whang (G4) Apgujeong

Long Vacations are Boring

Do you want a summer vacation lasting 3 months? You can do whatever, but it will be a bit boring. I disagree about summer vacation lasting for 3 months.

First, people will be lazier for summer breaks. They will try to be better, but if time goes they will gradually be lazier and wake up later. They will not study hard, play more games, and do other not productive things.

Second, people will suffer in school after their long vacation. If they go to school, they will get lower grades, have to study all over again, and will have too much stress suddenly.

Finally, parents will be too busy supervising and working with kids. They will have to send their children to more academies because they have jobs so they will not be able to take care of their kids.

To conclude, I believe that summer breaks cannot be 3 months long because of laziness, grade suffering, and parents’ worrying.

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