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Self-Reflection After 'Wish'

After reading ‘Wish’, I had many thoughts. I was curious about my future. What university I’ll go to and the company that I’ll work. I had a question about marriage too.

When I was young, marriage was an important thing to me. When we marry, our life changes and we can earn more money. When I was young I thought that marriage was like this before I read ‘Wish’.

‘Wish’ starts by Charlie’s parents being irresponsible. Charlie’s mom changed because she married with the fighter dad. Charlie’s mom learned how to be gloomy all day when Charlie’s dad went to jail. Now I feel that marriage should make you happy but it can also make a person go crazy. For example, one couple was famous for their relationship. But the dad’s company got destroyed so the mom became crazy. Their relationship got broken and they divorced.

Many people change when they get married. Many people change in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. Mostly people change good way. In ‘Wish’. Charlie’s mom changed in a bad way too.

My parents met by getting blind date. Their friends introduced them to each other. My parents married 2005 December 24th. They had their first baby in 2007 and had a second baby in 2011.

After reading “Wish’, I had many thoughts and it made it easy to be closer with the future.

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