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  • Bryan Choi (Cheongdam Branch)

Temple Adventure

One hot summer day, our family went to the beach where my Uncle Louis lives. There were palm trees, banana trees, and even mango trees at the side of the house. In front of the house, there is only sand and the ocean! I was so excited that I jumped into the water right away. When I dived into the water, something solid hit my head. There was a bottle, but it wasn’t just any bottle. There was something inside it. I opened it and inside was a treasure map! I started to run to my uncle, when it showed it to him. He said he would keep it for now.

Few months later, I got a message from my uncle. My uncle wanted me to come to his house by myself. When I arrived there, my uncle was waiting for me. He said the map I found was real and wanted to go and find it. We got on an airplane, rode a jeep, and drove a boat. Finally, we arrived to the place where the map said the treasure would be hidden. It was a jungle temple. Before we went inside, my uncle warned me to be careful because there would be many traps and he said that there may be secret hallways. After that, we started to go inside the temple. It was very creepy, cold, and moist inside. However, there was a tiny light but no torches on the side of the wall. While I was interested with those things, my uncle was looking every direction and careful of any traps so that we didn’t get into any trouble. In that moment, I saw the bright light of treasure, and I touched it instantly before my uncle could stop me. Suddenly, the whole temple started to shake and the ground started to crack. I was so shocked and tried to jump to my uncle’s side, but it was too late. The space between me and my uncle was too wide that I thought I was going to die. However, I landed on the bottom of the ground. I could hear my uncle crying, so I replied to him that I was ok and standing on the ground. Right after he heard my voice, he came to me using a rope, and when he turned on the flashlight, we shouted out, “The treasure!” together. There was a secret hallway inside the hole. In this moment, I realized that if I hadn’t jumped to my uncle, we wouldn’t have been able to find it. I will never forget this part of the adventure.

Suddenly, the temple started to shake again and strong wind blew. I couldn’t see anything because of the dust. When the shaking finally stopped, there was a giant cobra in front of us. The cobra said we can take the treasure only if I answered its riddle correctly. The riddle was, “At morning, it has four legs, at noon it has two, and at night it has three. It’s all around us, so what could it be?” I realized I heard this question before somewhere and started thinking: what is all around us? Neighbors, teachers, friends! The answer is humans! Humans crawl with four legs when they are babies, start walking with two when they grow up, and eventually add a stick to help them when they become old. It was the correct answer! Now, we can finally take the treasure home. Once we picked up the treasure, the temple started to collapse. We ran, jumped, and slid for our lives and climbed until we reached to safety. In the end, we went back home and gave the treasure to a museum. I will never forget this adventure.

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