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  • Jenny (Grade 7) Ichon Branch



Many scientists studied this from the past. Aren’t dreams very mysterious? Dream is a visual image that happens during sleep. How can you close your eyes and watch things and hear things? And why can we only remember a few dreams and not the others? I believe many people wonder about dreams but we don’t know much about them. Dreams are mysterious to us.

Here, I wrote down some questions about dreams and the answers to those questions.

First Q: When do we dream?

A: Usually, the first dream is made within 90 minutes after falling asleep, and this dream continues for 10 minutes. People dream about five dreams each night while sleeping. We just don’t remember them. We can dream up to a maximum of 40 minutes depending on how long we sleep.

Second Q: What happens while dreaming?

A: There are many opinions about what happens while dreaming. One of them is that our memory is cleared up while we dream. Also, a scientist said “The memory of the day is their dream.” (A person who has a new experience have a higher percentage of seeing that view again in their dreams.)

Third Q: Why do we remember nightmares better?

A: During sleep, dreaming time is called “REM sleep.” Why is there a difference in remembering the dream when we are in REM sleep? The connection between the “neocortex” which senses the actions and movements of the body in the brain, and the “hippocampus” which stores memory, become weak during sleep. So we can’t remember all the dreams we have. But the connection is not complete so only the memory related to very strong emotions will remain. In the case of nightmares, it has strong emotions and feelings so the signal between the “neocortex” and the “hippocampus” become stronger. That’s why we remember nightmares better than other dreams.

In the movie “Inception” there is a dream architect who designs the concept of dreams.

We usually think a dream is the result of random brain activity but actually we can have a dream when we want to. We called this dream a “Lucid dream.” You can have this dream through training. A person who has Lucid dreams can control things that happen in dreams. But if you try to have Lucid dreams too often, your brain can feel tired and you may have a hard time connecting to the real world because you think dreams are better than reality. Trying too much to have Lucid dreams could cause an addiction. If you want to have a Lucid dream first, you have to write a dream diary every day. You need to train the ability to remember and keep doing RC checks. RC checking is an act that you can’t do in real life, for example blocking your nose and breathing. When these two things are ready, set the alarm, don’t make it too loud, and fall asleep. Next, listen to the alarm in your dream and realize that you’re dreaming. If you succeed try the RC checks. But remember, Lucid dreams are basically a dangerous act.

I also dream a lot, so I’m very interested in dreams.

While writing this essay I learned many fun facts about dreams. Also, I learned about “Lucid dreams.”

I think it’s dangerous to try Lucid dreaming. People will likely become addicted. I hope we find information about dreams that we don’t know in the future.

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