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  • Alice (Grade 6) Ichon Branch

Robotic Technology of the Future

I will write about future robotic technology. I think they can do chores, helping in education and providing services for human.

First, future robots can do chores instead of humans. Robots can do cooking, cleaning, and taking care of pets, etc. It will be good for humans because they can save their time and most of people do not like to do chores. If robots do chores for them, people would not have to be bothered with doing these. So the technology has to be good enough to do chores on robots’ own thoughts without people’s order.

Second, future AI robots can help children educate at home. Unlike at school where teachers should take care of students’ feeling, AI robots can help children study by themselves with electric devices at home. Also, old people who want to learn something again or new can study, too. It will cost less money for both learning and training.

Third, future AI robots can also provide service for human. AI robots can guide travellers from other country to travel and explain information related to tours. Besides, Al robots never get angry even if they have unpleasant customers because they do not have emotion system. I think it will be a good service for people to enjoy their trip.

In conclusion, we can use robots in many different ways such as doing chores, helping education, or providing services. I think robotic technology can develop in a positive way and it would be an important part of our future.

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