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Summer Vacation in Canada!

During my wonderful vacation, I went to Canada! Canada is a wonderful country, but Canada also has negative sides. However, there are more positive sides. I am going to talk about it.

Canada has lots of positive sides. But I will describe three positive things and three negative things.

First, Canada has great nature: Rocky Mountains, Moraine Lake, Lake Louis, and the never melting snow. Second, Canadians are extremely kin. They always stop their cars for people to cross the road. In Canada, everything is made for people’s comfort. Third, Canada has really many popular places to go like Carpilano Suspension Bridge, Victoria Island, The Empress Hotel, and Telus Science World.

Now, it’s time to talk about disadvantages. First, Canada is English speaking country. Second, Canada doesn’t have places to play. Third, Canada’s toys are super low-quality.

Now I will talk about the camps I participated in. I participated in Belcarra Outdoor Camp and SFU (Simon Fraser University). Both the camps are popular. In Belcarra, I just played and did lots of activities. I played life-sized rock paper scissors, treasure hunt, capture the flag, and Quidditch. My group’s leader was Analis. She let us do whatever we wanted. But when it comes to safety, she is very strict! I think the last day in Belcarra is the best because it’s Fantasy Day. Fantasy Day is a day that everybody wore a costume of unrealistic characters (ex. Unicorn, wizard, etc.). Unfortunately, I didn’t have any costume, and I just wore Sasamat T-shirt. During Fantasy, I played Quidditch, making potion (I made Growth potion), Defeat the Wizard game, and I went crabbing. The Fantasy Day was the last day in Belcarra. However, Belcarra ended, and the new camp started.

SFU means Simon Fraser University, and SFU has many camps. It has chemistry, space, climbing, etc. I participated in Space Explorers camp. We had three staff and four volunteers with us. I learned supernova, Williamina Fleming, creating Galaxy, and lots of things related to space (universe). I stayed five hours in the camp and two hours in post care. During the post care I played a magnificent game called gagaball for about two hours.

However, my dreamlike vacation ended, and the first day of school started! Suddenly, I had a question “Which vacation is better?” the answer was “This vacation!” because during my last vacation I went to Jeju Island. I spent so many vacations in Jeju before. But this year I went to Canada! It was fresh, brand-new, and amazing experience! I did a bunch of new things. So, I think this vacation in Canada is better than the one in Jeju. Did you enjoy reading my blog? I recommend you to go somewhere new on this winter vacation!

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