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  • John (Seocho Branch)

The Harsh Reality of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our future. When we see closer, it will be a treacherous thing. A.I. will change the way how we will be generating money. It will bring a big transformation for human relationships. AI can also become human, and some day they will control us. They will be awake.

There are some jobs that are dangerous and difficult to do. Mining, oiling, even police are dangerous jobs. People avoid these jobs, but some people bet their life on it. When AI takes these gruelling jobs, some people will lose their dreams. Do you know there will be a great number of jobs that will be deprived to the AI? Of course, there will be new jobs because of AI but it can’t win over the number of the jobs that will vanish. For an example, delivery man will change to a delivery drone. Think about an AI that are cooking and serving food. Isn’t this funny? In some way, it is a serious issue. What will people do when they lose their jobs and dreams? Just live their empty life with unhappiness? The world will have no fun! AI can ruin somebody’s youth or whole life. AI will try to control

humans and start to take over our jobs.

Did you ever think about smartphones as being your best friend? When the mobile industry develops too much, we will only make friends through online and that is no real relationships. People won’t go out and meet to make relationships. They will be dependent on their smartphones. Instead of buying Iphones, they will be buying Ibots, Iboy, Igirl and so on. Then as AI get smarter, you will slowly become the AI’s slave. When we keep accepting AI coming to us, it will bring a risky change. Being friends with AI will have negative consequences to you.

Lastly, the AI will start to have emotions. They will be called from “It” to “he/she” referring to pronouns. This is chilling to hear. This is a word we use for humans or living things. How scary that we can’t know who is AI and who is human. The AI can also fake emotions. This can be the one thing that could control the world. Governments, police, president and so on. Eventually leading to extinction.

To conclude, AI will control the world. It will bring a devastating impact and it will be problematic. We should be careful of the progress in developing AI for the better future.

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