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  • Harry Kwon (Yeoksam, Grade 5)

Nightmare at the Circus

It was a very dark night. Harry got lost in the middle of the forest.

The day was really cold. So Harry was trying to find the place that he could sleep safe.

“There is a building!” shouted Harry.

Harry ran to the building and opened the door and got in. Suddenly, the door was locked from the outside.

“What!” yelled Harry.

Harry decided to search something that could break the door. When he entered the other room, he knew the building he was trapped in was a circus theater. Harry hated circus. Harry was afraid of circus. Actually, he was not afraid of circus, he was afraid of a clown.

Then he heard someone’s laughing sound. He got goose bumps.

“Is anyone there?” asked Harry with fear.

“It’s me, Harry,” the voice said, “It’s me!”

Harry wanted to run away, but his leg became jelly. It started to run to the room that he was in. Harry hid behind the box. After he hid, it got in the room that he was in. Harry quietly saw him with one eye. He was shocked. It was a CLOWN.

“I know you are hiding behind the box,” the clown said, “Get out and play with me!”

Harry grabbed a wooden bat for emergency. The clown walked slowly to the box that he was hiding.

“I found you!” said the clown.

The clown saw him with an awful smile. The clown opened his gigantic mouth and tried to eat him. But Harry hit him first with a bat and ran away to the other place.

“The clown fainted for a while!” said Harry, “I have to get out of here while he fainted!”

Finally, Harry found the hammer. He hit the door with the hammer. But the door did not break easily.

“You can’t get out of here!” shouted the clown.

The clown followed Harry and ran to the door of the building. Harry was almost eaten by the clown. He heard some sound from the outside. They were the police! He met the police and went back to his house safely.

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