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  • Hailey (Jangan Branch)


Many people have trouble sharing their worries with others. Some of them feel ashamed to express their true feelings. I can understand them because I feel the same way and have a hard time doing so. Sometimes I feel like every person in this world hates me, even my parents.

That is why I came up with an app in hopes of helping others like me to overcome insecurities. I came up with a counseling application. I named it ‘Amigo’. ‘Amigo’ is a Spanish word for ‘friend’. I named it ‘Amigo’ because its meaning fits well with this app and it is also easy to remember.

Let me introduce how to use my app. Before you get started, you need to answer a questionnaire in order to find a counseling partner more accurately. And then you have to choose the type of worries you have on the screen before entering a chatroom. If you can’t find your insecurity in the selections, you can simply write it down by clicking on Manual Insert.You don’t have to feel anxious about exposing your identity and sharing your deepest feelings. Every account remains anonymous and your personal information is always confidential with Amigo.

If you clicked into one of the insecurities from the selections, the app will automatically match you up with a chatting partner who shares a similar profile.After you enter a chatroom, you can start pouring out your feelings however you wish. You can also filter the messages that you don’t want to send right away by simply clicking on the ‘Save’ button. We also have professional counseling available too.

Since this is a heartfelt app that everyone has access to, there are some ground rules and manners to stick to when you use it. First, you have to show respect to your partner. You must not use any bad words in chatrooms. There will be a penalty following this ill action. Second, you have to be a listener too. It is not right to take away the other’s chance to share their feelings. We need to be a good amigo to anyone we come across.

If you follow these steps to use the app, I am sure you will feel much better about yourself. And who knows? Maybe you and your partner will become real amigos! I hope this app makes everybody happy and obliterates all worries in the world.

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