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Charcoal Battery Making Experiment

Have you ever heard about making electricity with ordinary charcoal? In this essay, I’ll explain how to make a charcoal battery, the fundamentals of charcoal battery, and the benefits of this experiment. We can do it briefly at home, so if you have any of the ingredients, try it.

The ingredients of the charcoal battery are 200 grams of charcoal, 300 milliliters of water, a lot of salt, some aluminum foil, and paper towel. When the preparation of your ingredients is finished, I will explain the process.

First, dissolve the salt in water. Second, cover charcoal with a paper towel, leaving a small space on it. Third, damp some paper towels in salt water. Fourth, place aluminum foil on a rolled paper towel. Warning: Do not touch the charcoal with the aluminum foil. If you want to check the result of the experiment, attach a pair of tongs of an electric meter on the charcoal and aluminum foil. If you have had a good time experimenting, let’s move on to the fundamental.

Since the fundamental of charcoal batteries is the same as that of Volta batteries, I will explain about Volta batteries. Volta batteries are the simplest and the first type of battery in the world. An Italian physicist, Volta, found that putting a piece of leather containing electrolytes between a zinc plate and a copper plate and connecting the two metals with a piece of wire creates electricity. Also, Volta batteries have contributed greatly to the current electricity generation. But, there is a downside to this type of battery, because the voltage drops over time, even when it is not in use. The zinc plate is constantly corroded.

Lastly, I am going to explain to you how I feel about the experiment and the benefits because if people want to do his experiment after reading this essay, most people will read this step first. This is my opinion, so please do not take it too seriously. In the beginning, I thought this experiment would be marvelous and hysterically exciting because I never imagined making electricity out of charcoal. Also, I learned that the first electric battery was made by Volta, and it is so funny that his battery’s name is similar to his name. Many people say that great inventions are named after the people who made them. Next, I will tell this experiment’s benefits. As I said before, we can learn who made the first electric battery. Also, we can have fun with this experiment and we can have more scientific knowledge.

In conclusion, by doing this experiment, we can have fun getting more scientific knowledge. Also, this experiment will help you with your vacation homework and many other things. Make sure to do this easy and simple experiment when you get a chance.

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