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  • Julie (Jangan Branch)


Do you have any favorite sport? My favorite sport is dodgeball. I think every sport has its own history, rules, and stadium. And today I will tell you everything I know about dodgeball.

There are 7 basic steps you need to memorize before playing dodgeball. First, you need 3 or more people to group a team. Second, arrange 1 or more balls in the center of the stadium. Third, set a timer for 10 minutes. Fourth, rush as fast as possible to the center when the game starts. Fifth, try to dodge any balls the other team is throwing at you. Sixth, throw the ball at your opponents to get them out sooner. Seventh, win by tagging out all of the opposing players. But make sure you don’t break any rules in game, as you can get a foul.

Dodgeball has a very interesting history. Dodgeball was first played in Africa 200 years ago. It was a dangerous sport back then because they used rocks to throw at each other. Later an English man named James H. Carlisle saw the locals playing and brought it back to his homeland. He showed it to his pupils, but instead of rocks he used rubber balls. In 1905, the first official rules were drawn up.

Now dodgeball became a popular sport among students and young adults. Even though there isn’t a stadium particularly designed for the sport, people still play it in a basketball or volleyball stadium. I love dodgeball because of its fascinating history and easy rules. I hope more and more people enjoy this sport in the future.

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