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Students Need Cell Phones!

If you are having problems with whether you should buy your kid a cell phone or not, read this essay. Here are reasons why cell phones are great for students.

Students need cell phones to contact their family when they are out. When you are outside and want to call your mom for an emergency, it is easier when you have a cell phone. Because you can carry it around, and you don’t have to find a phone booth.

When you have a phone you can do your homework even when you’re outside.You can find definitions,translations,and other things. For example, if you have to find a synonym for “happy” it is much easier to find on cell phone. So it is very handy if you have a phone.

I feel happy when I read webtoons, and watch YouTube. After a hard day, it gives students their happiness in life. So I think it is good to have a phone.

To conclude, if you think your child will be on their phone for too long, here is a very good solution. Make a time limit for cell phone usage. For example, he or she can use the phone for 1 hour after finishing their schoolwork. Or the students can use the phone 2 hours after finishing all their homework. And I think your child will keep the promise, so buy a phone for your kid!

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