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Atlantis the Palm Hotel

Today, I will introduce Atlantis the Palm Hotel in Dubai. I have been there two times. The first time, I went with a touring team. It was peak season, so the weather was so good for traveling. But, the weather was very hot during my second trip there. The temperature was over 40℃. But, on the bright side, there were not many people in this season, so it was good for touring too!

The second time I visited Dubai, I slept at Atlantis the Palm Hotel. Now, I will introduce this hotel. It has a big waterpark and it is so famous because this waterpark has a slide that falls at a 90° angle. So many visitors visit this waterpark because of this slide! Another famous thing about this hotel is its buffet. The buffet restaurant’s name is Shaffron. It has many kinds of food. I will introduce this part of the hotel later. The last famous thing about this hotel is its large rooms, and the inside of the hotel is very beautiful.

Now, I will introduce the activities that you do in this hotel. First, there is Shark Safari. You have to wear a special helmet during this activity, so you can breathe more easily. This place is a shark aquarium that you can access by sliding down a 90° angle slide. When you go down this aquarium, you can see lots of kinds of fish and sharks. You do not have to be scared of the sharks because they will not bite you. I guarantee it. The second activity that I recommend is feeding Cownose rays. I did this activity, too. I think it was a good experience. First, the guide will explain to you how to feed them and what kind of attitude you must have toward them. After that, you can feed them. They are big and fast, so it can be scary. I was scared too! But, they do not bite and attack you. Their eating sound is very loud, but I think they are cute.

Lastly, I will explain Shaffron. Shaffron is very big, so perhaps, if you lose your family, it will be hard for you to find them. This buffet has 220 kinds of foods. Shaffron’s most delicious food is, I think, is the chocolate fondue. It is so sweet! I really recommend you eat at Shaffron!

Today, I have introduced the details of this hotel, the activities that you can do there, and the food you can eat there. I hope you will want to visit this hotel with your family after reading my blog!

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