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  • Ella (Grade 5) Ichon Branch


Do you know about an island called “Taipei?” Taipei is an island close to China. People mostly think Taipei and China are the same country but they are not. They even have different flags.

When I was four years old, I went to Taipei because of my dad’s work. I lived there for about three years. I went to a school called “Taipei European School.” This school had a kindergarten and I went there. The whole school was very big but there was one really big problem. The toilets did not have doors, and boys and girls had to use the same toilets. It was very embarrassing to go to the bathroom. Although this was a big issue, but the school activities were really fun and interesting so I liked my school.

While I stayed in Taipei, I went to eat a lot of food. There are many of them but I will introduce the most famous food. First, I will explain about tea.There are two kinds of tea and one of them is Oolong tea. We have the same tea in Korea, but it is more delicious in Taipei. It is a tea which has a deep flavor. Second, I will tell you about pearl milk tea. Again, we have the same tea in Korea but it is originally from Taipei. This tea has black things that look like Jelly and we call it “Pearls.” It is sort of like original milk tea but with “Pearls.” It is sweet and chewy.

I loved going to building and streets during my time in the Taipei. I traveled to many places in Taipei. I will talk about two most popular places. One of the most famous place is Taipei101 which contains one hundred one floors. Until a few years ago, it was the the highest building in the world. You might think it is too high to walk and look around, but it is not. Many people use the building as an office. There are not many floors to look around, but every floor has interesting and fun events. Also you can look down the city. People come to see the beautiful city because It is fantastic. There is another famous place called “Ximending.” It is full of shops and restaurants. This place is popular like Myeongdong in Korea. At night, there are many lights near the streets and they look very pretty.

I would really recommend you visit Taipei. Make sure to go there during fall season if you do not want experience extremely hot weather and mosquito bites!

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