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The Perfect School

Have you ever thought about what would be the perfect school for you? Has there been anything about school that bothered you? Well, the school I’ll be talking about in this article is the perfect school for me. In order to make the perfect school, it needs to have good facilities, rules that I think are important, and finally, the types of teachers that I want. Let’s start by talking about good facilities.

To have a good facility, you need advanced devices with the best Wi-Fi in the world. If a school has a really good Wi-Fi and advanced devices, then you would be able to play any games or do other things on the internet. The second facility the school has to have is swimming pools and spas. You can shower, play, or learn to swim in the swimming pool and spas. If a school has a swimming pool, it will be great for summer. The next facility the perfect school must have is a napping room. When you are tired, you can take a nap in the napping room. Also, you can also just rest. It would be wonderful if you could sleep at school. The next facility I am going to talk about is the best of all the other facilities. If you want to make the perfect school, it should have at least one amusement park to ride the rides in there. So, when students are going to a picnic, they can go to their own amusement park instead of paying money. The last facility I am going to talk about is a trampoline park. The students can go on the trampoline when they are bored. They can also go on the trampoline for fun.

In this paragraph, I will list the rules that the perfect school has to have. The first rule is “Don’t punish students”. If a kid did something really bad that he had to be punished, then the teacher would tell their parents. So, in my perfect school, punishment is illegal. The second rule is “Don’t argue or fight.” If any students get in a fight, they might get hurt or injured. Then the school has the responsibility to not make friends fight. So then, it turns to the school’s problem. The third rule is “Listen to the teacher and don’t disturb others”. When others are studying, it is rude to disturb them. The fourth rule is “Don’t shout or scream”. If someone screams really loudly, people in the school might hurt their ears. Hurting your ears are not good. You even might be deaf. The last rule the perfect school has to have is “Never play pranks on a teacher”. Playing pranks on teachers is not the right thing to do.

Finally, I will talk about the types of teachers I want in my perfect school. The types of teachers I want is first, they have to be kind and caring. The teachers must always be aware of what the students are doing. They always have to make the children do the right thing. The next type of teacher I want is teachers who do not give out any homework. In order to do that, students should finish their tasks in their class. If they couldn’t finish their tasks at school, then they will have to finish the tasks on the next day. The next type of teacher cannot scold anyone. It’s similar like the “no punishment” rule, but what ever he/she does, the teacher cannot scold the student. If a teacher scolds any of his/her students too badly, then the teacher might hurt her/his student’s feelings. Also, if the student could be scolded for something that they did not do because they were framed by someone. The next type of teacher can’t be really strict. If the teacher is too strict, the students will be bored. Then, they will start to hate the teacher. So, the teacher has to let the students be free. The last type of teacher for my school is the teacher has to be funny and has to have a good sense of humor. Again, if they don’t, the students will be bored. Then, they will not focus on their work.

How wonderful it would be if my school had good facilities, good rules, and good types of teachers like this? I can only imagine. I am now wondering what school would be perfect for you. I’m sure that your ideas are as good as mine too.

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