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  • Christine Lee (G5) Yeoksam Branch

My Dad

Do you have a family member you want to talk about?

I have!

My dad is a super-duper great dad. So I’m going to write about my dad’s past and how became a super dad.

First, he was born on February 12, 1976. He is now 44 years old! When he was young, he got a lot of love because he had three sisters and he was the only boy.

His dream was to be a fire engine driver because when the person drove it, everyone went out of its way so he thought it was cool. The car was big so he thought it was remarkable. He also played with his parents in the swimming pool building sand castles, eating delicious things, playing with tubes, and surfing. He said it was a very cool and joyful time. When he went to the countryside to visit his grandparents, he played with fire so a part of the house was burnt. He got into a lot of trouble that day. But luckily, no one was hurt.

Second, he was very clever and intelligent as a student. He was vice president and president of his class several times. He studied history, math, and Hanja very well at school. He had lots of friends, so he played with them after school. In my dad’s genealogy, he realized that he was King Sejong’s descendant. One day, he found his family’s book so he was very surprised. So he tried hard to study very well to be a great person.

Third, he is such a nice dad. He buys me very many things. Also, when I don’t know a math problem, he teaches it very well like a real teacher. He helps me with learning history and finishing my school homework too. Now he works at a company so he comes home very late. I’m always thankful to my dad for doing lots of helpful things for me.

In conclusion, I’ll always like my dad. He is so calm and so kind to everyone. I hope I live with my dad for a very long time and take care of my dad!

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