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My App Idea "Cooking Easier!"

Cooking is one of my favorite activities. So I've got an idea for a cooking app! This app will be called "C.E". It means "Cooking Easier". Just like its name, this app is an app that helps you cook. We don't really cook with it, but we can use it to cook better.

You do not make real food with it, but if you make food with the app, the food pops out virtually in real-time, and we can taste, touch, and smell the food we made. Also if you like your food, then you can show your food to others. You can also taste other people's food too. You can also choose 'like' or 'dislike' for their food. If we collect more than 30 likes, we can get a recipe for delicious food.

Then, how do we use this app?

If you go in this app, you will see the words "food"/"Mix"/ "Oven"/"Fry Pan"/"recipes"/"showing section"/"after"/"before".

If we click food, we can see all of the food ingredients in the world. Watermelon, peach, melon, mango, tomato, strawberry, flower, milk, sugar, egg, etc.

Then we can choose and cook with the chosen ingredients. If we touch the button "mix", the ingredients that we have chosen get mixed. If we click 'oven,' the foods get cooked in the oven. If we click 'fry pan,' the food gets fried on the frying pan. If we click "recipes' there will be recipes for making a strawberry cake, chocolate cake, pudding spaghetti, etc.

We can make food with these recipes. If we click the showing section, we can see other people's food. The arrows mean to go forward and go back. When we touch the button 'done' the food will pop out. Then we can taste it. If it's bad, you can try to make it better again. If it tastes good, you just store it in the app.

Through using this app, we can make fewer mistakes when we cook and also save money by not making as many mistakes when we cook. This app will help many chefs and cooks. So it will be the road towards better cooking and delicious food.

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