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Pet Fish

These days there are many more people with unique pets than ever before. If you want to read about getting a unique but easy pet, read this blog article because today I will write about getting a pet fish.

How did I get a pet fish?

It started before I was born. My dad and my sisters used to catch fish in the lake near our house. So the first pet I met was a fish. When I became 7 years old, my kindergarten teacher gave all the kids guppies in the fish tank of the main hall when they had babies (but they always died). After a few more years, I started to put some fish in the fish tank in our home. In one of the tanks, I had a ramirezi balloon longfin and a female betta fish, and in the other one, there were guppies and a betta fish. I used to spend my time taking care of the tank, cleaning fish poop, and giving fish food.

Good things and bad things about having fish

The good things about having a fish are you can have a pet for cheap. They are pretty, and they don’t bother you. The bad things about having a fish are you need to study the fish you are going to get, you need to clean the tank sometimes, and the fish die for many reasons.

How to set up a fish tank

Here are the steps:

  • Buy a tank that’s perfect for you.

  • Put the stones on the tank’s floor after you wash them.

  • Pour some water in and wait until the next day

  • Put the heater on and add bacteria and wait.

  • When you start putting the fish in, put 1 cup of tank water and wait for 15 minutes

  • After 15 minutes put the fish in the tank

When I started getting fish, sometimes I got upset about my fish dying, and it was annoying to clean the tank, but it is good to see the fish swim to get their food to live. It’s a good hobby to have fish as pets. But I hope everybody can remember to take care of all living things so please be careful when you decide to get a pet.

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