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  • Kate Bae (G5) Ichon Branch

Another Person’s Perspective Can Affect Your Behavior

Have you ever imagined that you could observe yourself from another person’s perspective? I never imagined that before, but since I chose this topic for my blog writing, I thought about it.

I think some people imagined that they could observe themselves from another person’s perspective. Maybe someone who feels proud of himself or herself could think this positively. On the other hand, some people would contemplate in a negative way if they are not confident of themselves.

Like these, people imagine themselves variously and differently, so this time I want to talk about my specialty and attitude from another person’s perspective.

First, people will think my specialties are sports and sharing. It is true that I am good at playing sports. But for the most, my best activity is to enjoy jumping rope.

Also, I am delighted when I have something to share with my friends because I like seeing people happy with me.

Second, my friends say that I am a quite diligent person. I think this is because I always try my best to do my homework and never get lazy to complete my daily routine.

Third, am I a good friend to my peers? Like other people, I want to behave nicely to my friends all the time by sharing and helping. However, I have many shortcomings, too. So, I try to improve my manners and think one more time before taking action.

In conclusion, I believe that if people consider another person’s perspective, it will give them an opportunity to enhance their attitude and behavior.

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