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  • Trevor Kim (G5) Ichon Branch

How to Become an Impressing YouTube Creator

These days, media is the most important and helpful thing in our life. Especially, one of the most powerful media is YouTube. Have you ever watched YouTube or tried to be a YouTube creator? It is very impressive that people are more into YouTube rather than Naver or Google.

About ten years ago, it was hard to upload a picture in media, but now, almost everyone watches YouTube, and they make their own videos, too. Also, there is a job called ‘YouTube Creator’.

First, I want to talk about the basics of YouTube.

In order to earn money and live stream in YouTube, you should be a YouTube Friend which means you have to watch for four-hundred hours in one year, and you should have a thousand subscribers in your channel. Then, you can get medals and live stream with your subscribers.

Second, how to be an impressing creator?

I recommend you try to be a game creator. Since game channels are easy to watch for kids and adults, there are many famous game channel creators. Also, they have their own characteristics and their own styles that make people get interested in. Every creator starts with zero subscriber, but the way you make a video could bring many people to watch your channel. However, if you upload weird or bad stuff in your video, there will be a limited number of subscribers, so if you want to have many people to watch your channel, you should share a good quality of video.

In conclusion, to be a popular YouTube creator, you need to make people impressed and have fun with your creative ideas. Then, you can communicate with a diverse group of subscribers.

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