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  • Loy Han (Ichon)

The Lost Golden Desire

My favorite ‘golden cookie’ was stolen! The safe left open and my gold cookie is gone!

Who did this? I can’t concentrate on anything if I do not have it, and If I find the thief, I will make him or her pay twice for this. The suspect can be one of my family members, but nobody would say that they did something wrong. Who do you think it is?

Now I am very unhappy about this happening and trying to calm down myself, but it is hard.

I was kicking the trash can and shouting at it. Then I noticed that a cookie wrapper is in front of my dog. Is it him? But my dog never steals any food and if he eats cookies, he will get sick. So he is not. And I just made him fetch the hidden tiny ball near the long beach.

What if it is my mom? No, she mustn’t be, because she is allergic to cookies. Then, what about my brother, sister or cousin?

And right at the moment, I saw the golden cookie’s wrapper with black hair! Oh, my mom and brother are black haired, then it must be him (my bro)! So I started searching through his trash can in his room to find stronger evidence but there is nothing related to my favorite golden cookie.

How can I solve this problem? I really need to find the culprit to end this mystery.

Who else left? I had to look at all my family’s rooms and found a bunch of golden cookie wrappers in my sister’s room, then it means my sister took them? No, since it was her turn to empty a trash can which everyone shares, I can’t say she did.

Then, now only my cousin left as a suspect, but wrong again! He was taking a class when I saw my cookies last. Then, who took my favorite golden cookies? I was staring at the grocery shopping bag that my mom just brought home because I felt so hungry while doing detective work. Boom! There were golden cookies! Oh my! I forgot that I had asked mom to buy me more cookies as I had all finished them up! How stupid I was doubting everyone in my house!

My lost golden cookies have never existed since I ate them all! I think I owed my family to doubt them. I will apologize to everyone and share all cookies together!

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