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  • Joon Kim (G6) Cheongdam

About Homework

Many Korean students can't play much because of homework. In my situation, many kids are busy going to academies and doing their homework, especially on weekdays. They can't even play for 30 minutes. I'm going to talk about other students' homework problems.

I hate doing homework. There are many problems. First, the amount of homework is ridiculous. Sometimes, even though, I know the concept well, my academy teacher gives me too much homework, Next, there isn't a reason for the time there. Second, sometimes homework isn't given enough time to do. Once, I had to do 28 pages in a day. It makes the student get tired. Also, too much homework could lead to mistakes because there is so much homework, and students want to do it fast, they might not concentrate on it.

I think I neither hate nor like homework too much. I just do my homework sincerely. I do my best. I just wish that teachers wouldn't give repeated homework so much. They need to give repeated homework only in small amounts. or the students would be stressed. Also, I think teachers should give homework to make the students understand the concept, so they can study more smoothly.

In my opinion, teachers shouldn't give too much homework. Just enough to learn something. What is also needed is to not give repeated homework. There needs to be time for reviewing. However, I think homework is used for making students understand the topic's concept.


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