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  • Katie Lee (G6) Bangbae Branch

Animal Crossing

Everyone wants to do something they like in their free time, and there are many things to do. For example, one could watch TV, read a book, play a board game, or decorate a diary. For me, I like to play a game named Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a game living on an island with other characters. At first, there are fruit trees and the two characters. People decorate the island and their houses by buying things with money or making things with DIY recipes. Users can make money by selling things or planting money trees. Also, there are some ways to have more characters. People can have them in the camping ground with a card named Amiibo or go to the Mile Island when the house is empty. Amiibo is a card that has a picture of a character, and if you scan it, you can have that character on your island.

There are many characters in this game. There are dogs, frogs, anteaters, gorillas, cats, and many other animals. There are eight personalities for each character. They are kind, athletic enthusiastic, greedy eater, want-to-be a star, simply active, greasy, mature, and cranky. It is helpful to bring all the ten characters with different personalities because they give different presents. My favorite character is a gray cat named Cider. Its personality is “kind,” and I like its cute eyes.

There are some reasons why this game is fun. First, this game is exciting because there are many events on holidays, and if the users are successful in the events, the characters give presents. Second, people can make their island beautiful. They can move stores and characters’ houses, build a road, and create a place to take a photo. The users will feel a sense of achievement if they make them. Third, it is interesting to have the characters to talk to and help. All characters are unique as they give different remarks when you interact with them.

I believe having the characters and decorating an island are the most exciting parts of Animal Crossing. It would be great to play this game if you haven’t because there are so many things to do!


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