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  • Eva Lee (G6) Bangbae

Bullying at School

Students face a lot of problems during their school life. For example, they can have trouble with classmates. Also, the students can suffer from stress when taking tests. But the most important issue in their school life is bullying.

Many people are familiar with the term bullying. It includes all actions that attack someone physically and mentally. For example, spreading rumors about other students that are not proven or hurting their body may be bullying. There are some physical problems that the students may get. They might experience changes in their sleeping and eating patterns. This will make them unhealthy and tired. Plus, they can get physical injuries when they are hit by bullies.

Furthermore, bullying affects the victims negatively, especially their mental health. The students who get bullied can lose interest in everything and feel lonely and depressed. Being bullied in childhood might have an impact on their adulthood as they can have trauma. If bullying becomes a serious problem, it might even lead to the person committing suicide. Moreover, it might also affect the students who witness bullying. They could miss or skip school because they may be too scared to come.

Bullying is an important issue, so students need to know how to deal with it. They can get some help from their parents. Also, they can ask their teacher for guidance. In addition, students can call 117. Even if the bullying has stopped, if you still have mental problems like trauma, you can also apply for consultation with a counselor.

Bullying can affect students in a negative way. It can even cause changes in one’s adulthood. Students need to understand how to deal with bullying and try to stop it. This is why I think students should be more interested in this issue and find solutions that can work for them.


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