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Can We Live With a Robot?

Have you ever thought about living with robots? I am interested in a life with a robot which can be helpful for human beings. Then, what is a robot? A robot is a mechanical device that is very smart to do complex works. So, if robots can be used in the future, I think there will be a lot of benefits to our lives.

First, robots can do things that humans cannot do. For example, robots can go space travel far away to where humans cannot try, like Saturn, Uranus, or even out of the Milky Way Galaxy! Also, there could be rescue robots which can save people from a natural disaster by using a tracking system to search for an emergency case. Even robots can do extremely dangerous jobs that people can hardly do since they are made with strong and hard materials.

Second, robots can help patients and take care of people. Now we can see some medical robots which support delicate surgeries with doctors and nurses in a hospital. Because of this invention, people can reduce the possibility of making mistakes during operations. Furthermore, robots can be good friends for people who are alone and lonely because they can talk and share feelings together.

Third, educational robots can be a good part of our future for schools and children. A.I. has a lot of information so it can be a teacher when needed to answer every single question from students.

Last, drones (which are robots, too) can be used as self-driving flights to avoid bad traffic. There are already drone taxis to deliver foods or passengers and it is more efficient to save energy and time for people.

So, I think these four things that I mentioned above will become essential parts of our daily lives. I hope that living with robots could bring a bright future for everyone and can embrace good intentions to create a better world.


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