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  • Jimin Kim (Apgujeong)

Fictional Writing: The Spirit of Sportsmanship

All the Manchester City players had a worried look on their faces as they were walking to the pitch. The opposing team, Arsenal, had the biggest bully in the Premier League. But, they also were confident, because they had Leo, the best attacker of the Premier League. They were ready for the big game.

Leo was driving very fast, running past a lot of players. He was sweating with a lot of sun shining across the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Leo’s team, Man City youth club’s home stadium. Suddenly, a defender from the opposing team tackled Leo! Leo screamed in pain as he got stepped by the defender, Jeremey’s cleat spikes. He felt like his back bones and his leg breaking, and his feet ripping and bleeding.

Leo screamed harder as the pain got more severe. He made the substitution signal with his hands, and waited as his brothers, Sergio and Mateo Gomez, and warmed up for two substitutions for Man City.

The team doctors got a stretcher and put Leo in it, and on the stadium screen, it showed, “In: Sergio Gomez, Out: Leo Gomez. In: Mateo Gomez, Out: Bernardo Simon.” Leo watched as he left the stadium, hoping his team would win without him.

Jeremey was jealous that Leo was good at soccer, and better than him. He wanted to hurt the best attacker of the U-13 Premier League. That was why Jeremey tackled Leo so hard: Jealousness. So, when Leo was dribbling the ball, Jeremey had gotten the best chance to hurt Leo. And, unlucky for Leo. Just unlucky.

After the match, Jeremey’s coach told him, “Jeremey, tackling other kids is not being a good sport. Stop that from now on, please. And you will be suspended for six months. When you and Leo recover, say sorry to him. After six months, before the game, there will be a special time for you two boys to lift each other’s feelings. Is that clear?”

Leo waved as he stepped inside the operation room. The surgeon was going to clean his left foot and bandage it. In 2 hours, Leo was all clean, ready to run on the field. And, he was also ready to make up with Jeremey, the biggest U-13 Premier League bully of all time.

Leo was nervous when Jeremy stood in front of him. A few moments later, Jeremey opened his mouth and said, “I’m sorry I injured you. Are you okay?”

Leo replied, “Yes, I do understand. I’ll forgive you Jeremey.”

Leo’s coach suddenly said, “Now that you two are now feeling better, you guys better have a good game.”

“Sure,” Jeremey replied.

And off they went, for a fair, good game.


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