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  • Won Lee (G5) Bangbae

Future Problems of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, technology is evolving very fast, faster than ever before. For example, only twenty years ago, people couldn’t think of a machine that could provide information, take photos, and enjoy hobbies with it. But now, everyone possesses that machine, which is called a smartphone. But even phones aren’t the most changed things over a few years. The technology that has improved the most is called Artificial Intelligence, which is AI for short. And because AI is evolving so rapidly, some people worry about the conflicts that will happen between humans and AI.

One of the problems that will happen because of AI is that there won’t be enough jobs for people. In the future, it will be even more difficult to get jobs mostly because AI will be better than people in almost every way. They will be faster, stronger, and more efficient than humans. For example, if robots work in factories, they can work twenty-four hours and still work faster than people. Also, they don’t have to be paid. That’s why they are more productive than humans. So, there would be no reason for hiring human workers. And if no one hires people, naturally almost everyone on the Earth would lose their jobs and only a very few people would be able to keep their professions.

The second issue is that people would lose the will to learn. If AI does everything for them, they won’t have to do anything—their desire to learn will decrease. On the other hand, AI won’t stop developing, and it will keep evolving and evolving. So, the gap between humans and artificial intelligence will grow bigger and bigger by the second. If that keeps happening, it will lead to a problem that has never happened to humans before.

The final dilemma is that people might not be the rules of the planet anymore. For tens of thousands of years, humans have been the strongest creatures on Earth. However, it wasn’t because of our physical strength—it was because of the creativity that only we possessed. But right now, that obvious fact can be changed because of AI. For example, artificial intelligence can draw paintings better than artists, which people consider impossible. So, if no one prepares for the future, the ruler of the Earth might change in a very short time.

Even now, AI is not too different from us humans. They can do almost everything people can do. And it is quite possible that they will outrun us and try to rule the Earth instead of us. It may sound dramatic, but it is the truth, and we should try to prevent it by trying our best.


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