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  • J.B. Park (G6) Apgujeong

How My School Life Has Changed In The 6th Grade

Are you in the 5th grade of elementary school? Do you ever wonder about what will change when you get to the 6th grade? I moved up into 6th grade in March this year. In my opinion, the 6th grade is louder, the teaching style has changed, and there are more tests. Let me explain how it is different so you can understand how your school life will change next year.

First, 6th graders are much louder than 5th graders. When you become a 6th grader, you will notice that the classroom is louder than the 5th grade. It is because the kids are all enthusiastic. Sixth graders are older than 5th graders, so 6th graders are more energetic than 5th graders. Also, when kids become 6th graders, they don't listen to people, such as their parents and teachers. They do whatever they want. For example, some students don't listen to the teacher, but last year almost every student listened to the teacher. When the teacher says to be quiet, nobody is quiet. They just keep talking. Also, when the teacher asks why they fought, nobody answers. So that's why 6th graders are much louder than 5th graders.

Second, the teaching style changes from the 5th grade to the 6th grade. As 6th graders are energetic, they spend more time getting into trouble compared to 5th graders. As a result, the teachers are all strict. They spend more time yelling or taunting the kids than they did in the 5th grade. However, the 6th grade teachers understand us more. It is because the teachers are trying to reduce fighting. In the 6th grade, kids fight more. For example, in my class, there is a fight four times a week, but last year we never fought at all. As 6th graders fight more, teachers should reduce fights for student health.

Last, the 6th grade has many more tests, and the tests are much harder than in the 5th grade. It is because 6th graders are older. If you are older, you have more things to learn than 5th graders. Also, the tests are all harder than 5th grade tests. This is also because there are more things to learn at a higher level. For example, in science class, we are doing experiments, but last year we just studied science by watching videos, then we wrote about what was in the video. So that's why 6th grader tests are much harder than 5th grader tests.

In conclusion, there are a lot of changes from the 5th grade to the 6th grade. It is much louder, the teaching style changes, and there are more tests that are harder. I think that there are a lot of changes in the 6th grade, and my school life has changed because of it. Do you think your school life will change in the 6th grade?


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