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  • Chloe Lee (G7) Apgujeong

Important Objects that I Own

Do you have things that are important to you or hold a special meaning? I think everyone must have one. Of course, I own important objects which each hold a special story too. I’m going to introduce my precious objects.

The first object is my pastel purple colored teddy bear. You might think it’s normal, but it is the most important thing that I’ve ever owned because I spent all my childhood with it since I was born. My parents bought it from Paris before I was born, and she was part of my life, for many years, even now. In fact, I often sleep with her to this day. Since she’s small and skinny, it feels like I’m clutching a blanket when I’m hugging her. Even if she’s old and worn out now, I will never forget her.

The second object that I think is the most important to me is my graduation albums from kindergarten and elementary school. When I feel sad or gloomy, looking at my graduation albums and thinking about my friends makes me feel better. It also helps me not forget about them and remember every precious story and memory. Even though the good times are already over, looking at me and my friends’ happy faces makes me feel warm inside. My albums also make me cry, too. Sometimes everyone’s young faces smiling makes me emotional and their happy faces make me want to go back to my younger days.

Last, is the awards I had before. When I was an elementary school student, I used to collect awards from writing, drawing, and piano competitions. Even though I’m not collecting them anymore, looking at them makes me want to put more effort into collecting them again.


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