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  • Chloe Lee (G7) Apgujeong

Indulge Yourself with Marshmallows

If I could build a theme park and could choose a theme, I would build a marshmallow theme park. It would have three parts: a marshmallow museum, marshmallow making and eating, and a marshmallow maze.

The first part, the marshmallow museum, would include the most important things. It would include the history of marshmallow, which shows how marshmallow was created and when. The museum also shows visitors lots of marshmallows, which have different flavors, shapes, colors, and tastes. In that corner, there would be the world's biggest, smallest, and sweetest marshmallows, too.

The second part of the theme park would be the sweetest part of the park. It will have lots of tasting booths where you can try each special and unique marshmallow. You can try to make marshmallows, too! There must be a corner that has lots of ingredients for making marshmallows. If you find it, it must be a making corner! You can try to make your own marshmallows. Chocolate flavoured, strawberry flavored, or maybe a pepper flavored one for pranking friends! You can also dip your own self-made marshmallows into chocolate fondue.

In the last part of the park, I would put a marshmallow maze. Think about a maze made of marshmallows! It would be cool. You can have a marshmallow whenever you want while you're solving the maze. If you get hungry, don't look for other snacks because it's right next to you at our theme park! Also, in the middle of the maze, there is a cool, big marshmallow fondue. It must be the world's sweetest marshmallow fondue. I'll guarantee it. You can pour a scoop of marshmallow or dip it with fresh fruits. You can have it whenever you want!


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