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  • James Yu (G6) Daechi

Life in Space

Imagine yourself living on Mars with your family. You can never come back to Earth. You would be there for the rest of your life. There are no places such as forests and deserts like on Earth. Would it be good to live on this Mars colony or would it be boring and hard?

Living on the Mars colony would be challenging. It is because the natural environment that we can see every day does not exist on Mars. Things like trees and blue skies we have seen on Earth won’t be available there so it will be odd to live on it. Also, there will be a lot of dangerous events that we face on Mars. For example, even small sandstorms could destroy our Mars colony and spaceships, and the bigger ones would just lift the entire Mars colony. This means people living on it including me and my family can die instantly. Lastly, it is hard to stay healthy. The gravity on Mars is very much different from Earth’s. So, in order to stay as healthy as I do on Earth, I must exercise 3 hours every day. It would be hard to exercise that much daily.

However, there are good things, too. There are fewer people living on Mars, so it will be less crowded which would make me live more calmly. Also, there will be fewer students living on Mars, so I don’t have to compete as much as I compete with other friends on scores. However, I could live in a more relaxed way. This is because there would be fewer academies on Mars. I would not have to spend my time at academies all day.

These days, Earth is being destroyed. We are trying to move to other planets that we could live on. However, I believe that rather than inventing new technologies for space travel, it would be better to make Earth healthier and safer. I wish that we wouldn’t have to move to Mars and that we continue to live on this blue planet Earth.


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