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Mathematics: The Music of Reason

Do you find mathematics boring? Or maybe you think that mathematics doesn’t bring any usage? Let me prove your assumptions are based on false judgments.

“Give me a place to stand, then I will move the Earth.” -Archimedes. Mathematics is in fundaments of the greatest achievements of mankind. Ancient Egyptians used geometry to create pyramids that stand unbreakable for thousands of years. Also, nowadays, mathematical knowledge is essential when we send rockets to space, predict weather changes and even earthquakes. Mathematics becomes very important. If there were no mathematics in the world, we wouldn’t develop.

“If people don’t believe that mathematics is simple, it’s because they don’t realize how complicated life is.” -John Von Neumann. Mathematics is simple and clear because it’s based on rules and it’s logical. Also, as Georg Cantor, the great mathematician, said, the real meaning of mathematics is freedom, so we could create whatever we want. On the contrary, real life is complicated and unpredictable, because “God’s playing dice on our fate.” Learning mathematics takes a long time but learning real life takes an eternity.

“Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries. For mathematics, the cultural world is one country.” -David Hilbert. There are a lot of languages in the world but mathematics speaks one universal language regardless of any geographical markers. So, anyone on the earth, wherever he/she learns mathematics will understand the concepts coequally.

For me, mathematics is art. Mathematics is the most useful, general, and honest subject. It’s because mathematics is well-defined and provable. Therefore, mathematics is called “The Music of Reason.”


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