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  • Lena Koo (G5) Bangbae

My Favorite TV Shows

Comedy shows are a big hit these days. These TV shows are programs that include humor in them. Usually, there is one host for the production. Although there are many shows out there, I like Family Feud and The Price is Right the best. I think these two amazing programs have EVERYTHING which includes humor, guessing games, and celebrities!

Family Feud is a well-known production that is hosted by Steve Harvey. Mr. Harvey is a famous man who is really funny and is known for his mustache. This interesting program first came out in the year of 1976. Not only is there a host, but there are two teams. For instance, JoJo Siwa and her family completed against Charli D'Amelio and her family in one episode. For me, that was my favorite because the two sides were so different. JoJo’s team was enthusiastic, but Charli’s team was quiet and mature. How the game is played is simple—Steve Harvey asks a WEIRD question. Both teams have time to discuss to find the 10 possible answers. If a team gets three wrong, the other team wins $10,000 in CASH!

Another great show is The Price is Right. It is a popular TV/game production. It shows some objects that can be expensive or cheap—they could even be as expensive as cars! It is starred by Drew Carey. How the game works is this—the contestant has to guess the price as it says in the title. It is usually very hard to guess the exact price of something unless you have really wanted it. If you guess the price correctly, your budget increases. Your budget is the amount of money you will get after the show.

Even though both shows are great, I like Family Feud a little better because of many reasons. First of all, I like how funky the questions are. For example, the host asks questions like this: “What can’t a married woman say to her husband?” Steve Harvey’s reactions to the answers are hilarious, too. Seeing the expressions of the teams when they lose or win is funny as well. On the other hand, The Price is Right generally displays expensive things like cars and other objects. It tends to make people want to buy it—not make people laugh.

Family Feud and The Price is Right are both fantastic shows to watch. Family Feud has two teams going up against each other and has lots of humor. The Price is Right has many interesting things to impress the viewers as well. For people who are interested in comedy shows, I recommend these programs. They may be appropriate for ages eleven and up because they both include many hard words to understand.


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