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  • Richard Jang (G7) Bangbae

My Idea of a Perfect Middle School

In school, students gain basic knowledge to prepare for their future. In every school, there are principals who take care of problems and oversee everything. Also, they take charge of the students’ education. If you were a principal of a school, how would you run it? If I were one, I would think of what kind of school it would be, the school subjects, and its rules.

First, I would build three school buildings which will be the main, the annex, and the gym with the cafeteria. The main one is for the students’ classes and the teachers’ offices. There will be four floors in the building. The first floor is the teacher’s office. Then, the second one is for the 9th graders, the third is for the 8th graders, and the 4th floor is for the 7th graders. The older students have to focus on learning, so I decided that older students will have fewer stairs to go up. The annex is for mobile classes such as music, information, and science. These subjects require students to carry lots of things, so they have their own classrooms. There will be a library on the first floor. There will also be a hallway that connects the annex and the main because the 7th graders might suffer going down and up the stairs all the time without a shortcut through the annex. The third building is for the gym and cafeteria. In the gym, there will be lots of events, and students will have P.E. If the cafeteria is in the main building, many students will feel crowded inside, so I thought it in the gym building might be better.

Second, I would choose the subjects that the students will learn. For every grade, they will have to do P.A.P.S. which stands for Physical Activity Promotion System. Every student will improve his or her physical skills by doing a round trip long run, 50-meter run, pushups, and long jump. Also, they will test their flexibility. For the 7th graders, they will have basic subjects such as math, languages, science, social studies, and music. They will focus on learning harder things based on what they have already learned in elementary school. But they will also learn more things like home economics, technology, and industry. These subjects will help them prepare for their future. These students will learn to solve more complicated problems. For the 8th graders, they will have the same subjects the 7th graders will have. But they will have extra classes like fine arts, computer sciences, environmental studies, and Chinese classics. The 8th graders and 9th graders have middle and final terms, so they will focus on reviewing what they have learned as well. In addition to having the same subjects, the 9th graders can choose to learn two special subjects. They will have a chance to experience things that will support their future. I would make a lot of before and after-classes such as sports club, vocal lessons, son-writing, and reading. This will help my school to become more fun and brighter.

Last but not least, I think that rules are one of the important things that should be made. Rules put limits on students to prevent them from doing bad things. I would make bonus points and minus points in order to do this. The student who had the most bonus points will get an award and have his or her name in the special book. By doing so, students will act better to receive the award. Students can get bonus points by contributing to schools’ special events like contests. Also, I would give bonus points even if the students do their homework or arrive on time for classes. Students will try to do their work well and not be late for school because they would want to get points. Also, teachers can give points to students who do well in class. Minus points are points they get by doing things they shouldn’t. They would get these points by smoking, bullying, getting out of school without permission, causing physical damage to the school items, fighting, and more. Since smoking is a delinquent thing for students to do, if they get caught, they will get 10 minus points and their parents will have to come to school. Except for this, all the other negative behaviors will be forgiven with a warning for the first time. Students will try not to get in trouble because 10 minus points mean parents, 20 minus points mean volunteering for school work for a month, and 30 minus points is forced expulsion.

For making the perfect school, I think the most important things are the students’ comfort and atmosphere. The buildings’ structure won’t be hard for the new students to adjust to, and the school programs can be fun enough and easy to understand for them. Rules will make students participate more and cause less trouble. In this way, my school would be a great school to go to.


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