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  • Soobum Lee (G6) Apgujeong

My Outdoor Theme Park: A Wild Adventure

Have you ever had fun in a theme park? What did you do there? Riding roller coasters or the Viking? If I built a theme park, I would make an outdoor theme park. There would be three main parts of the park: a cave, a mountain, and a river. It would be risky, but it would be fun and thrilling. If you enjoy the wild and some risk, then you can enjoy the adventure!

First, it’s the cave zone. In the cave, there are many levels. It starts with the starter version and goes to an extreme version. In the starter version, you can’t see many animals. There are some spiders or glow worms. There are insects and most people like bats, but unfortunately, there are no bats. The starter version is just for relaxing in a dark place. The advanced version has many lakes. It is much bigger than the starter cave. The lake is connected to the river zone. There are many more insects than in the starter cave. There are fish in the water, too. If you are lucky, you can find small pearls in the pond. The last version of the cave zone is the extreme version. You can see steep cliffs all over. The smallest cliff has a height of 124 meters. You can’t live if you fall down. You’ll have to be very careful because there is no compensation for damage. There is no safety. If you want to climb down the cliff, you need to bring the material for climbing down or else, you have to go down with your own body. In the cave, it is just wild, like I said. There are snakes somewhere, bears, and if you are unlucky, you can get messed up by a vampire bat. The bat can also make new diseases. However, you can find new places that no one has been to before. Also, you can make up another place on the map and make a new stage!

Next, it is the mountain zone. The mountain zone has two main parts: the safe zone and the danger zone. In my theme park, there is no compensation for damage. In the safe zone, there are tracks you can follow. There are just snakes and some insects like mosquitoes and flies. Camping is not allowed in the safe zone. In the safe zone, there are places to rest and if you see well, you can go to the camping place. If you walk a lot, you can find a place that says, ‘danger zone’. It is totally wild, like a rainforest. There are no maps. There are tigers, bears, deer, rabbits, monkeys, and rats. In the danger zone, you can camp anywhere. As I said, there is no compensation for damage. If you get eaten by tigers, I can’t manage it. It is all about luck. There is a warning message that says, ‘There is no network and internet,’ so you can’t use your phone. In the danger zone, there are poisonous plants and large trees. At the top of the mountain, you can take a picture and stay there. The mountain is so tall that it takes five days to climb to the top.

The last zone is the river zone. There are three parts: a playing section, a riding section, and a fishing section. In the playing section, you can swim with the fish. The deepest part is five meters deep. There are lifeguards, so it is safer. However, some fish are bigger than a normal man. You may be surprised, but they are kind. In the riding section, you can ride a kayak with your friends. It will be thrilling if you go to the end of the river. There are crocodiles, so you can be hurt. But there aren’t only kayaks, there are mini boats, too. It is the fastest thing that you can ride. It is safer, but you have to pay much more money. Last is the fishing section. If you catch a fish, you can eat it or bring it and pet it. If you want to enter, you have to go to the mountain zone. At the edge of the safety mountain zone, there is a hidden part. If you catch an electric eel there, you can exchange it for some money.

My theme park has three parts, which can be risky or fun. If you have experienced it, you will have a great adventure. Which zone do you want to go to first?

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