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  • Won Lee (G5) Bangbae

Platypuses: Mysterious Animals

Many people dream about animals that don’t exist. They dream about unicorns, dragons, or fairies. If you’ve never heard about platypuses, you’d probably think platypuses are one of them. But what if a duck-billed beaver is a real creature? There are many strange and interesting facts about platypuses, more than you’ve ever imagined.

Platypuses are extremely extraordinary animals. They have bills like a duck and bodies like a beaver. They have webbed feet, and they don’t have any teeth. They already seem like the strangest animals in the world because of what they look like, but their looks aren’t why they’re the most special creatures that hasn’t gone extinct yet. They lay eggs, give milk to their babies, and have poison. But the most interesting fact is that they are mammals.

Platypuses seem like a mixture of a mammal, a reptile, and a bird. And the scientists found out that platypuses ARE a mixture of the three types of animals. According to the experts, mammals, reptiles, and birds share the same ancestors. So, platypuses have features of their ancestors. And because of these strange features, some people who believe in creationism argue that God created platypuses because of their uncommon appearances. They also say God made platypuses because the existence of the animals denies the theory of evolution.

Platypuses are one of the strangest animals in the world—that even scientists agree with. What do you think happened when mankind first found them? It was the late 18th century when a man first discovered the platypuses. It was a general from the U.K., and he was in Australia. When he found the animal, he sent its pelt and a simple sketch of it back to his own country. But when the U.K.’s scientist saw it, they all teased John Hunter and said it was fake. So, John felt frustrated and sent a real LIVE platypus to England. Finally, the scientists believed him.

Platypuses seem like animals that popped out of the fantasy book, but they are very much real. They have unique features such as a bill that looks like it belongs to a duck and a body like a beaver. They also have a strange history as nobody believed John Hunter when he found out about the platypuses. Some people even believe that they’re made by God. I think the existence of platypuses is a great example that shows humans know very little about nature.


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