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  • Danny Lee (G6) Apgujeong

Robot Domination

Have you ever worried about robots dominating the world and humans going extinct? Lots of people have worried about this topic. Even Elon Musk has said that this situation will happen in the distant future. I'm not against Elon Musk's ideas, but I don't really agree with his point because people have already started to lose their jobs and are fighting to keep their jobs. How have robots had such a dramatic effect on our jobs and our lifestyles?

In the past, the world had more jobs than we have nowadays. There were jobs such as parking lot ticketers, shoe shiners, typesetters, phone exchange workers, and more, but the reason there were lots of jobs was because they didn't have technology to accomplish simple and repetitive work. In reality, we exchanged jobs and technology for the future.

Nowadays, people have already started to lose their jobs and are fighting to keep their jobs for their family. Also, young job applicants are having the hardest time ever because of the high unemployment rate. However, the really sad fact is that when I become a job applicant, it will be extraordinarily hard to get a job! Our descendants will have an even more difficult time.

Last, in the future, humans will be totally useless. If robots start to dominate jobs one by one, there would be no jobs left for humans to work which means human beings are useless. Just like the movie 'I Robot', robots will dominate humans and eventually, humans will become extinct.

Imagining humans becoming extinct is painful, but if programmers make robots safe, so they do not attack humans and only make them do repetitive work, the extinction of humans will be delayed a little. Of course, making humans extinct is a far-off story. Humans will have to find a way to stop global warming and make the world carbon neutral. I wish we could make the world a better place so our descendants can live a happy life!


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