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  • Won Lee (G5) Bangbae

Star Wars: A Legendary Movie

In 1977, a space opera movie was released in the U.S. The name of the movie was Star Wars, and it was made by a young man named George Lucas. What he created caused a big sensation all over the world. Four and a half decades have passed since the movie was released, but it is still considered a legend by many people.

The first Star Wars movie was made in 1977, but it was so popular that the series is still continuing. It is the second-biggest franchise series in the world. There are nine original movies that show the main storyline, but they aren’t all of the series. Including spinoff movies, tv shows, and animations, there are more than thirty motion pictures. But when LucasFilm, the company that made Star Wars, was 35 years old, it was sold to another company—Disney. Because a bigger, wealthier company had bought LucasFilm, more various Star Wars contents could be created. However, some fans didn’t like it because they thought it ruined the original style of Star Wars.

There are so many reasons why Star Wars is popular, and one of them is the storyline. The first movie of the series, A New Hope, has an interesting story. Although it can be simple to some people, it can have a big impact on others. The story starts with an evil galactic empire that rules almost every planet in the galaxy, and there are the rebels that fight against them for freedom and justice. But still, some planets are out of the Empire’s interest. On one of those planets, there lives a boy named Luke Skywalker. Then an old man comes to him and delivers a very important message. It turns out he was destined to be a great warrior, and he has to save the rebel princess who is kidnapped by the Empire. Later, he saves the princess and joins her.

Star Wars is a very interesting movie with cool characters who fight or cooperate with one another on the screen. But the scenes themselves are just as important as the story. There are some scenes that make people curious about how they were made. For example, there can be a scene where a character controls a gigantic spaceship. The spaceship seems humongous inside the screen, but the actual equipment that was used to make the scene was only the size of a plastic action figure. They are nothing but delicate plastic figures, but they seem big because the camera was very close to the figures.

Star Wars is still called a legend even though more than 45 years have passed since the first movie was released. It could be possible because of the reasons I have mentioned. But there is another reason for Star Wars’ success, and it is due to all the efforts that George Lucas, the producers, and the actors have put into the movie. Because of their hard work, Star Wars is STILL called a legend.


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