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  • Danny Lee (G6) Apgujeong

The Future Computerland

The world is filled with amazing theme parks, such as Disneyland, Lotteworld, and Everland, but I couldn't find any theme park about programming. I think it is because few people are interested in programming, but these days the world has changed. Programming has become the most important tool to solve a problem. So, I decided to build a programming theme park.

When people first enter the theme park, they have to enter the 'Programming Museum'. In the museum, people can learn about the history of computers by seeing computers from the past. Also, you can watch documentaries about great programmers, such as Bill Gates, Craig, John, and more. After the documentary, you have the option to learn more about development tools, such as VSCode or Xcode, or move on to the next stage.

When you finish exploring the museum, you have the chance to have a one-day class about Coding. You can choose to blockcode a fighting robot or learn JS, CSS, and HTML to make websites. If you're not new, you can also choose to learn Swift to make iOS apps. The mentors will be professional programmers from Google and Apple.

After learning to code, you can experience how coding can improve your daily lifestyle. So, you can make a 3D model with the programming skills you've got. After modeling your own item, you can print it out and use it in your daily life.

Programming could be a very hard topic for someone, and I believe that our world has to make everyone adjust to the programming universe. I hope the programming theme park will be one big step in the experiences of many people.


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