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  • Jimin Kim (Apgujeong)

The Golden Escargots Recipe

Are you familiar with the French called escargots? Well, if you are not, this is a great essay to know about it! Escargots is a unique, but very rare delicacy made from snails and a salty dressing. I highly recommend this food and here is the golden escargots recipe for you.

Most of the people who are not familiar with escargots think that you can make it with snails at the park or the local community garden. But, that is a huge no-no. You need very big snails, as big as your ear. Those snails are very rare and are only found in the large fields and farmlands in the countryside. If you find some, your luck is golden. The escargot's texture is like tofu, but more stiff. It is similar to a rice cake. But the snails alone are not enough.

If you only eat the snails alone, it has no flavor, and there is no point of eating snails without a flavor. So, here is how to make the dressing.

You need salt, sugar, lemon, kiwi, garlic, onion dressing and cheese. The dressing is yellow and green mixed together. You must stir them in a bowl and here is your masterpiece. The dressing will turn out to be salty and sweet. Those two parts of the dish would make a perfect match.

Now, it is time to be fancy and creative. You need to serve it before you eat it. To make escargots go to your table, you need a plate with a lot of holes in it. You first get a little bit of dressing and put it in each hole of the special plate. Then, place your boiled snails in the holes and garnish them with specks of parsley. And, now your escargots are ready to go on your table.

Escargots are a delicacy that many people can be unfamiliar with. They think it is gross eating snails, but it is just a new culture and experience for some people. Therefore, escargots might seem gross and will take some time to make, but it is worth it. I hope you can try this recipe too!


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