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  • Kevin Han (G6) Bangbae

The Most Important Part of Our Body

Every part of our body is important. Veins are required in order to make the blood flow. Also, bones are required to protect and hold our bodies. Like this, almost all organs and systems inside us are precious. Among them, I believe joints are the most significant part of our body.

There are a lot of functions that joints have. Joints are placed between every two bones. Joints help the two bones to stay connected and move softly. For example, if there were problems in your joints, the bones would be separated and gradually become damaged if they keep bumping into each other.

Since joints have an important role, having problems related to them may be serious. There are lots of diseases harming joints, but the most common disease is arthritis. According to the official Yonsei Bone Hospital website, it usually happens to the elderly who have weak joints. It brings severe pain near the joints. And in worst situations, it could lead to surgery which costs a lot of money and requires a long recovery process.

Nobody would want to have a disease like this, so one should prevent it before it happens. In order to keep your joints healthy, you could follow some tips. First, you should maintain your weight. If your weight suddenly increases, your knee joints would get so much pressure. Also, you should avoid movements that strain the joints such as kneeling down or sitting like a frog. If one follows these tips, it would be helpful for the person to prevent the disease.

Joints are a vital part of our body. They are so important and needed for people to walk and move comfortably. So, I think people should take better care of them.


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